About Us

We are the Baha’is of Portland and we are offering this blog as a gift to the Portland community…

This blog was created to help those interested in raising a generation of ethical and moral children with a foundation in universal spiritual principles.

Our approach teaches that each child is a “mine full of gems of inestimable value.”

Far from being a blank slate, each child already has intrinsic talents and qualities that are waiting to be drawn out.

The process of education brings forth those talents and qualities so the child can reach his or her full potential.

We do this by:

  • Conveying these principles to children, parents and groups/individuals who have an interest in children’s development.
  • Providing classes and study groups for children, parents, preteens, teens, teachers, community centers and spiritual groups interested in helping children reach their potential.

The Baha’i Faith is a spiritual religious philosophy that believes in the following principles:

  • There is a universal Creator.
  • The true nature of religion is to uplift mankind and create a spiritual civilization.
  • The true nature of humanity is that we are one human family, one human race.
  • Prejudice in any form is a source of human strife and suffering. Valuing diversity is the cure.
  • Women and men are created equal and each contributes unique talents and capacities to society.
  • Science and religion work in harmony to reveal truth.
  • Every child has the right to an education.
  • There are spiritual solutions to the economic problems we face.
  • Each individual is responsible for investigating the truth for himself.
  • The time has come for mankind to put down its weapons and learn to work together as one global, peaceful civilization.
  • To improve global communication, each person learns their own native tongue and one other universal language.

For more information about the Baha’i Faith and the Portland/Vancouver Metro Baha’i community, visit http://portlandbahai.org/.


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