The Promise of Service

June 11, 2012

The Promise of Service

By Fred Hoefler

Helping others in a spirit of service not only helps others with a specific task, it makes every one involved happy.

A life of service is our ultimate aim in life, but that concept can be a challenge to pass on to our children. We started out by teaching our children to help each other and those around them. As they grew older and their circle of friends got larger, the number of people they could help expanded. We knew for sure that they were getting the concept when they started helping people they hadn’t even met yet.

When our children were teen-agers my peers often lamented, “my children are killing me”. So I joined them in saying, “my children are killing me” – then went on to say, “We were up all night with them on this or that service project”. We were always working with them – at a coffee house or a on a school project – often late into the night. We didn’t get a lot of sleep but we had sooooo much fun working with them. We knew where they were, what they were learning, what they were thinking. It helped reassure us that they were up to “good” when we couldn’t be with them.

What if we all realized that service to others is our ultimate purpose in being here? We would be helping and not hindering one another. Think about what we can do with this singular idea to make the world a much more pleasant place to be. If we carried this idea to the “extreme” it could resolve all of the worlds problems: hunger, poverty, disease, war, and plain old greed. Service to mankind may not make all problems go away, but it would help us address and resolve them.


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