Happiness is a Decision

June 4, 2012

by Sara DeHoff

Do you want your life with your kids to be more peaceful and joyful? Learn to see happiness as a decision.

In this society we tend to think “If only I had more money, I’d be happy.” “If only he’d shape up, I’d be happy.” But happiness is a moment-to-moment decision we make. We choose how we respond to our circumstances. ‘Abdu’l-Baha was imprisoned for many years. Yet, He says, “I was happy in that prison, for those days were passed in the path of service.”

So how do you make happiness a decision?

  1. Take a moment during your day and stop what you are doing.
  2. Look around you and just notice.
  3. Look for the beauty of that moment. Maybe you see a flower nearby. Or a pretty color in the room. Or the face of a loved one.
  4. Give thanks for that moment of beauty.
  5. Share what you observed with your kids. They may think you are bonkers at first, but pretty soon they may start sharing with you what they see.
  6. Cherish these moments.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if everybody just took one moment a day and chose happiness? What would our homes look like? Our schools? Our workplaces?

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