When is it appropriate to talk to your children about drugs?

May 21, 2012

by Yegyan

To prevent your children from using drugs, you want to talk to them about it as early as possible.

In the Baha’i writings, one the principles is to keep one’s mind clear and free of intoxicants.  The more your child knows about a subject, the less mysterious it is for them. If you look at all the subjects that we have the most trouble with, they are all the subjects we don’t or cannot talk about easily. This includes sex as well.

When a child does not have familiarity with a subject they can end up getting the wrong information about it from a poor source. And if it is a subject they are not used to talking to you about they may not feel comfortable telling you when they really need to.

By talking to your children about drugs early and giving them facts about it and what it does, you give them more control and awareness about what drugs are and what they do.

  • Take the mystery away from drugs by being open about drugs and not making drugs a taboo subject.
  • If your child has a question about drugs, do the research with your child and find the facts.
  • Don’t let a concern or issue go unanswered.
  • Present good information from a source other than yourself.
  • And of course try to talk about why people resort to drugs in the first place – because they need to change the way they feel. And this is usually necessary when a person cannot communicate. So definitely keep your communication open and honest with your kids as much as you can.

If all kids really knew about and had someone to talk to about drugs they would be able to have a greater power to say no because they would be familiar enough with them and why they are harmful.

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