Do Not Be Content with Current Societal Standards

May 14, 2012

by Tom Hodges

The benefit of not being content with current societal standards is that I am empowered to ignore some of the expectations of society. I am freed to live my life according to standards that I am comfortable with.  My children will see that I am not being hypocritical.

Society, through media, education, sports, workplace attitudes, etc. presents ideas about how we should live and what our goals should be.  A common theme running through this is that we should take care of ourselves regardless of the possible cost to others:

  • Breaking laws and cheating is OK as long as we are not caught;
  • Cheat on your taxes but call your self a loyal American;
  • Huge salaries go to athletes who win by whatever means as long as they do not get caught.

To change this, start with small steps:

  1. Ask what you are doing that you are uncomfortable with.  What are you not doing that you think you should be doing?  Turning to God for example.
  2. Find ways to do it in a way that feels right and clean.
  3. Ask your children what things you are doing that make them uncomfortable.
  4. Pray about it!

As more people do this – starting in small ways – and supporting each other, it will become easier for others to also direct their lives in ways that are more considerate of other people and kinder to the environment.  If we express religious views in ways that are not oppressive to people with different beliefs then we are well on the way to accepting the value of other peoples ideas.

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