Positive Results in Practicing the Equality of Men and Women!

May 7, 2012

By Venustiano Olguin

Living by the Baha’i principle of the equality of men and women has transformed my relationships with women, especially in the way that I carry on my relationship with my wife. Before becoming a Baha’i, despite pretending that I respected women, I was still inculcated with the idea that we men are the dominant sex of the human species.

Throughout my childhood, the male was supposedly the “boss” of the family unit and men played the dominant roles in society. At the same time, women were derided for attempting to assert themselves and  take on roles historically reserved for men. As a social activist, I began to question these chauvinistic attitudes, at least with regard to the right of women to vote and enjoy equal rights with men in the workplace and other areas of society.

However, I really had not thought about how this would apply to individual relationships between men and women until I became a Baha’i and learned about the principal of the equality of men and women. Through the study of this principle, discussions with fellow Baha’is, especially women and choosing to have my actions be guided by the principle of the equality of men and women, the quality of my relationships with women has been transformed for the better!

At home, putting this principle into practice has resulted in a much more harmonious marriage and family life, which makes it easier to deal with the challenges that come up in our lives. And when we visit with our grown children, we are able to model for them a better and more effective way for a man and woman to carry on their marital relationship. This, in turn, is beginning to spark some interesting discussions about the equality of men and women, which can not help but to have a positive impact on their own relationships!

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