How to Consult with your Child

December 18, 2011

Flowers against the skyBy Tom Hodges

Do you want to open communications with your child? This is hard for many of us but it can be so important for the future.

Getting your child to tell you his/her thoughts and feelings will open communications between you. Consultation begins with sharing our thoughts and feelings openly. Meaningful decisions can only occur after communications get started.

  1. Take your child on a walk in a nature area. After a while try to get him talking about what is on his mind. Maybe share some of your thoughts to get started.
  2. Do not judge what he says.
  3. Just say that you understand and talk a little about your own similar thoughts.

In a nature area there are few distractions – nothing to buy, no ads, few people, so it will be easier to talk about our real feelings and thoughts. Once we start talking about our real thoughts and ideas in a non-judgemental way, there is no telling what we might come up with.

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