How to Raise Spiritually Aware Children

November 14, 2011

Our spiritually aware children will support our own spiritual development by expecting us to live moral and compassionate lives. We will want to make positive choices so that our children can be proud of us.

Our human purpose is to know and to worship God and live according to the teachings of our religions. If children are raised with this belief and with awareness of religious teachings such as compassion, justice, honesty, and service, then they can use these concepts with their peers, siblings, teachers, and other people that they encounter.

The Baha’is offer classes for children based on teaching the spiritual verities that underly all religions. The classes can be offered by Baha’is or by anyone who wants to use the materials that the Baha’is have developed.

When children are spiritually aware, they can make choices based on moral values rather than on the instant material gratification that is promoted by the media today.

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